Tuesday, October 7, 2008

nothing like waking up to the sound of...airplanes?

One great thing about living in Cary again is being closer to friends and family. Amber came up this past weekend and we went camping at Umstead Park. I think part of the reason it was such a great trip was because it was so random. I love how Amb and I just decided last minute to camp and got there, not even knowing if the ranger would let us in. Such an adventure! Driving around in the dark, laughing at the craziness of everything and hoping we could somehow find a site...making smores and building a huge blaze in the middle of Raleigh. I don't know, it was just really fun. Being out in nature, completely relaxed, not caring about common necessities. Anyway, the next morning, we decide to go bike riding, and we bike on a trail around Umstead a while and came out at Reedy Creek Greenway Trails. We looked on a map and saw that the trail could take you all the way to State Campus. So, we just looked at each other, smiled and said, Hey! Let's Go! It ended up being this 20 mile long bike ride that was so crazy because it was so spontaneous. But, such fun! Being out in the sun, but right there in the city of Raleigh, having a blast.

I started thinking about maybe that's what life is like sometimes. I mean, you'd expect to camp and bike in a place like Boone, or Asheville. The atmosphere is much more catering there...but then here we are in just a common city, and we're experiencing life, on this random, crazy adventure none of us had planned. This reminds me our relationship with Christ. It's really easy to think about meeting Him in places like Camp Cedar Cliff, where the atmosphere almost shouts that you will draw near to Him. But what about the common areas? What about the times where life is just "life." Are we seeking after Him? Expecting Him to mold us, take us on this journey where He will teach us incredible things? Are we ready to just go?

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