Saturday, August 16, 2008

iced tea anyone? let's watch the moon

wow. so today has been full of twists and turns and surprises. but such cool stories. such god-moments- orchestrated to show me that he is in control. and is so funny sometimes! i just laugh. and shake my head and think, wow. thank you so much. okay: continuing the top places to go list:

6. at my cardtable
Yeah, such a normal spot. well, maybe not so normal for regular people who actually have non-movable tables. but, this sweet piece of furniture gets put away when the murphy bed takes over at night. anyway. off subject. well, i had to call dell customer service because my computer was having troubles. and, i was frustrated because i was thinking it would be a really long process and i'd be sitting there on hold for 3 hours. well, it turns out that i spoke with someone from the philippians. and they definitely connected my computer with theirs and was working on it overseas! i was pretty amazed at that. well, since we were on the phone for a while, we started talking. and the olympics came up. and before i knew it, the tech guy and i were talking and laughing about different events and who would win. so thankful for a new friend. i mean, probably won't ever talk with him again, but how thankful god put a friendly voice who lived way on the other side of the world in my path. so random, but so great! so, if anyone ever needs customer service, maybe you'll be lucky and get to talk with my friend.

7. the White's field
Jan and Hugh tend to come up on here a alot. but tonight was such an unimaginable blessing. i went to their house to celebrate trevor and shelly's upcoming marriage. they are two people in our small group, and renovatus was throwing them a shower. so, i head over there and enjoy bbq and fellowship with people in the church. it was really fun seeing people from the bible study and also meeting new faces. anyway, as i went back to my car ready to head home, i realized i locked my keys in the car. (which by the way was the 2nd time in a span of 2 weeks. i know i know.....) so, i'm thinking, great. AAA wouldn't get out here for forever, and plus, they might start to recognize me. maybe i can find a coat hanger and pry my door open a bit. well, some people start coming over to my car, and then we had this group of guys with wedges, siding, and coat hangers working on the lock. well we were there for at least an hour messing with things, and all this time we were laughing and joking about how hard it was to break into cars. and then mike, one of the guys, said that this was god's way of everyone fellowshipping, and when he wants this car door to open, it would. i thought about what he said, and i realized how awesome this was. i mean, yeah. huge inconvenience. frustrating. but, now i grew so much closer to some members in the church. what a blessing! needless to say, we were messing for quite some time and ended up calling AAA anyway. ha and that was funny because as we were waiting, we off-roaded in hugh's mule to see his land. what better way to wait! well, the AAAA guy ends up getting lost and so he takes a really long time getting there. by this time, it's dark, and the moon is all orange. almost full. or maybe just past being full? so jan, hugh, their daughter mary, mike, trevor, and i all sit out near their barn and look at the moon. drink iced tea. tell stories. just be. and i thought to myself, this is exactly what i have been waiting for. a community. a place to belong. and god provided this. in the midst of my own forgetfullnes.... well AAA dude finally shows up in this HUGE towtruck and unlocks my door super quick. so, i say goodbye to my new friends and think, i'll see my church family tomorrow. and those words sounded so good. thank you jesus for adventures. and for working in such crazy ways.

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